Kat Conquest, Specialist

Kat began her career as a high school English teacher. She loved working with students and watching them succeed and grow over the years. However, between teaching, grading and lesson planning Kat was unable to do the thing she loves most: spend quality time with her family. She began searching for a career that could give her a better home/work balance. This is where Edie, her grandmother, was able to sweep in and show her how real estate could be a rewarding career that gave her the flexibility she craved. 

To say Kat grew up around real estate is truly an understatement; she lived with both Edie and Chris Hill, two leading real estate agents in the area and was dragged to every open house and appointment imaginable. Of course, she spent most of her childhood doing what every girl does, vehemently renouncing anything to do with what her parents were doing. It took her awhile to realize maybe, just maybe, they were on to something with this real estate stuff ;) 

Kat is married to her favorite adventure partner, Jason. They love to ski together and to camp in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. They have two beautiful boys, Rylan, age 6, and Bretton (Bo), age 1. In her leisure time, Kat enjoys reading, traveling, gardening, and planning her next adventure with her family (especially to the North Conway area). Be sure to check out the gallery!